Bliss Brant

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Five years. Thats how long it’s been since Tate Hardy decided to stay away from Jessica Campbell before he did something stupid like explorer her submissive tendencies. Summoned to attend her brother's funeral, Tate learns he's inherited all his buddy's cattle...on one condition. That he stay on the ranch with Jessica for thirty days. Only Jess is a nice girl, and Tate doesn't do nice.


Jess needs the cattle for collateral to get a business loan to turn the ranch into a spa. She'll do whatever it takes to get rid of the handsome bull rider her she's always lusted after. Thinking too scare him off, she asks him to teach her about the Dominant/submissive lifestyle so she can find a Dom once he's gone. In a surprise move, he accept her challenge and Jess must remind herself he'll be gone in thirty day.


Lover in the Dark ~ coming soon

Taming The Highlander ~ coming soon